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Interventional Pain Management is the medical term used for treating, or controlling chronic pain. It is a complicated, often debilitating medical problem that can have a major impact on both you and your family’s wellbeing. Interventional pain management involves certain procedures used to help diagnose, treat, and manage symptoms of acute and chronic pain. Interventional procedures include, but are not limited to, medication management; injection(s) of local anesthetics and/or anti-inflammatory steroids around nerves, tendons, joints or muscles; spinal cord stimulation; and radio-frequency lesioning used to deaden nerves for long periods of time resulting in pain relief lasting up to 10 years.

  • Epidural Steriod Injections

    An epidural steroid injection is a commonly used, minimally invasive procedure used in the treatment of leg, arm, back and neck pain caused by irritated spinal nerves.

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  • Radiofrequency Lesioning

    Many types of chronic spinal and back pain can be lessened by radio-frequency lesioning, or a facet rhizotomy.

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