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Facial Plastics

The decision to undergo either Facial Plastic Surgery and/or Reconstruction is a very personal and important one and it requires a mutual understanding and rapport between patient and surgeon. Facial Plastic Surgery, or cosmetic surgery, is used to make improvements in the appearance of the patient. Fortunately, because this form of plastic surgery is largely elective, the patient is allowed adequate time to thoroughly understand the details and ramifications of any desired procedures. The degree of success in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery depends upon the surgeon’s technical skills and analysis, as well as the limitations inherent in each patient’s type of skin, bone structure, healing capacities and overall health status. Certain patients simply are not good candidates for surgery, and may be understandably disappointed when plastic surgery is not recommended or is delayed until a more appropriate time when results will be better. Most facial plastic surgeries may be performed in an outpatient facility, but a facelift typically requires an overnight stay in a hospital.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery differs from facial plastic surgery in that it focuses on damage repair.

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